Training & Development

The aim of our Training & Development policy is to promote and support Employee Development and Organizational effectiveness by providing high-quality training programs. Effective trainings enable the workforce to enhance their “learning “for bringing innovation to workplace as well as developing their career path.

MPCL places great emphasis on meeting training and development objectives. A comprehensive Training Needs Analysis, taking into account factors such as company objectives, employee appraisals, experience, past training record and futuristic needs of MPCL etc. is conducted annually in order to identify the training needs of the company. This enables us to create and conduct training programmes relevant to employees.

Summary of the number of employees that attended foreign / local courses, seminars, symposiums, etc. in the FY 2015-16:-

Technical Non-Technical Total
Number of employees that attended Foreign Courses 27 25 52
Number of employees that attended Local Courses 141 64 205

Leadership Trainings:

To develop the leaders within and ensure future competitive advantage, MPCL spends considerable amount of time and effort on identifying and developing leadership talent by exposing the employees to best Leadership Courses/Trainings time to time. During the year 2015-16, selected employees have attended 5 Local Leadership Trainings and 8 Foreign Leadership Courses.

Team Building

At MPCL, we encourage Team Building activities at both Intra-Departmental and Inter-Departmental levels as these allow employer and employees to assess the strengths and weaknesses as an individual and team player. At the start of team building process there is simply a group of participants and towards the end of process there is a high performing team who are highly motivated to perform better and have gained immense satisfaction from having shared their achievements.

In House Lectures & Discussions

HR Dept arranges in-house presentations and technical talks for the employees on monthly basis. The aim is to provide non-technical staff an insight into the terminologies, structures and processes of the Exploration and Production companies. Training is imparted by a talented and experienced teams comprising senior officers / engineers of various Departments. All non-technical / technical employees benefit from each other’s presentations especially the new inductees and trainees.

Company Sponsored Post Graduate Programmes

To encourage growth and promote talent, MPCL offers a one year fully sponsored Foreign Post-Graduate Programme to any professional with a minimum continuous service of 3 years at MPCL. The individual may opt for higher education in any specialized field of his / her broad area of academic qualification.


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