Gas Discovery at Shahbaz-1 in Mari D&P Lease Area

MPCL has made a significant gas discovery at exploration well Shahbaz-1 in Mari D&P Lease Area. Shahbaz-1 was spud-in on July 22, 2016 and was drilled down to the depth of 1,180 meters into Sui Main Limestone Formation with MPCL’s own Rig Mari-1. The Drill Stem Tests carried out in SML and SUL Formations resulted in discovery of gas which flowed at a combined rate of 10.866 MMSCFD at Wellhead Flowing Pressure of 936 Psi @ 48/64 inch choke size. The gas flow and pressures are much better than other SML/SUL wells.

Hydrocarbon Discovery – Exploratory Well Halini Deep-1, Karak Block, KPK/Punjab

Mari Petroleum Company Limited (MPCL) has made a significant crude oil discovery at exploratory well Halini Deep-1 in Karak Block. Halini Deep-1 was spud-in on February 18, 2015 and was drilled down to its revised target depth of 5,900 meters into Wargal Formation. Halini Deep-1 ranks among the deepest wells in Pakistan and is the deepest well ever drilled by MPCL. It is highlighted that the well was drilled with MPCL’s own 2500 HP Rig Mari-3.

Halini Deep-1 is MPCL’s 3rd consecutive discovery in Karak Block. First crude oil discovery was made at Halini X-1 in 2011 and second discovery of crude oil, condensate and gas was made at Kalabagh-1A in 2015. Discovery at Halini Deep-1 has further augmented MPCL exploration success rate which is already the highest in the Country. This discovery will further enhance the Country’s and Company’s hydrocarbon reserve base and play a pivotal role in achieving the Company’s planned growth and expansion targets.

Oil, Gas and Condensate Discovery in Karak Block – Punjab Province

Mari Petroleum Company Limited (MPCL) has struck another significant Crude Oil, Condensate and Natural Gas discovery in its Karak Block’s Kalabagh-1A ST1 Well located in District Mianwali.

Karak Joint Venture is operated by MPCL holding 60% working interest with MOL having 40% share. Kalabagh-1A ST1 discovery is the Company’s 2nd success in the block in Datta, Samanasuk and Lockhart formations; after its first major Crude Oil discovery in the block made at Halini Well-1 in 2011.

Kalabagh-1A ST1, spud-in on March 20, 2015, is the Company’s 2nd exploratory well in Karak Block. It has been successfully drilled down to a depth of 3,003 meters in Datta Formation. During testing, the well flowed Gas & Condensate in Datta Formation at a rate of 3.3 MMSCFD and 160 BBL/D respectively, with wellhead pressure of 694 Psi at 32/64” choke size. The gas discovery has an excellent heating value of 1144 BTU/SCF and its Condensate API is 52 @600F. The Well has also been successfully tested in Samanasuk Formation, which also flowed Gas and Condensate at a rate of 4.68 MMSCFD and 180 BBL/D respectively, at a wellhead pressure of 926 Psi at 36/64” choke size with excellent gas heating value of 1128 BTU/SCF and Condensate of 58 @600F API. The testing of Lockhart Formation flowed commercial quantity of Crude Oil @500 BBL/D with wellhead flowing pressure of 155 psig of 22 API @600F at 32/64” choke size.

The Kalabagh discovery becomes another source of indigenous energy supply which is expected to add significantly to the nation’s hydrocarbon reserve base; thus contributing towards the saving in foreign exchange and bridging the demand and supply gap.

Additionally, MPCL is drilling its 3rd exploratory well Halini Deep -1 in the block which is currently at the depth of 5,669 meters into Chhidru Formation and is amongst the very few wells being drilled down to such lower depth.

Kalabagh-1A ST1 discovery has augmented MPCL exploration well success rate, which already ranks highest in the country. MPCL presently, operates two Development & Production Leases, nine Exploration Licenses and has joint venture interest share in six other Exploration Blocks.

Oil Discovery in Karak Block, Punjab Province

Mari Petroleum Company Limited made a significant Crude Oil discovery with the additional potential of Associated Gas, during the drilling of Halini Well (near the village Kamar Sar, Tehsil Essa Kheil) in its operated Karak Exploration Block. The Block is located at the boundaries of KPK and Punjab Provinces (between the districts of Karak and Mianwali). The discovery is estimated to accrue huge foreign exchange savings which could range in billion of dollars at the current oil price trend and thus contribute towards the nation’s endeavor to reduce dependence on imported energy.

The Halini Well was spud on January 07, 2011. The well has been drilled upto a depth of 5,350 meters. During the initial short duration tests carried out, the well flowed at the average rate of 1,700 barrels/day Crude Oil of API gravity 26 at 32/64” choke size.

Gas discovered in Sujawal Block, Sindh Province

Mari Petroleum Company Limited (MPCL) made a gas/ condensate discovery at Sujawal X-1 in the Sujawal Block located in Sindh Province. This success of the Sujawal X-1 will be an addition to the indigenous reserve base of the nation, which would ultimately result in saving of foreign exchange. The first exploratory well in the block was spud-in on February 6, 2010 and was drilled down to a depth of 3,000 meters in Lower Goru Formation of Cretaceous age.

Based on the wire-line logs, drilling data and geological information, the well resulted in a gas/condensate discovery in Lower Goru Sands (Upper Sands). The discovered gas is of very good quality having a heating value of 1024 BTU/Ft3 and its condensate API gravity is 54.7 @ 600F.

Discovery in the Sukkur Block, Sindh Province

Mari Petroleum Company Limited (MPCL) made a gas discovery at Koonj Well#1A in the Sukkur Block located in Sindh Province. This momentous success would add to the indigenous resources of the nation’s gas reserves base.

Discovery in Mari D&P Lease Area, Sindh Province

During the year 2005 MPCL drilled an exploratory SML Well#1 and discovered gas at multiple reservoirs that include Sui Main (SML), Sui Upper (SUL) and Pirkoh Limestones. The well was spud-in on February 16, 2005 and drilled down to a depth of 1,268 meters. It was the first ever success at Pirkoh Limestone reservoir level in the country.

Oil and Gas Discoveries in Ziarat Block, Balochistan Province

Mari Petroleum Company Limited (MPCL) landmark accomplishments include being the pioneer and the first Company to discover Oil in Balochistan Province.

In the year 2005, highly progressive and proactive exploration approach resulted in achieving a milestone for the Company with the discovery of good quality gas at its first exploratory well Ziarat Well#1, located to the north east of Quetta city. The well was drilled down to the depth of 1050m and encountered gas in Dunghan Limestone of Paleocene age.


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