MPCL Reserves Position as of June 30, 2017


Habib Rahi Reservoir (Mari D&P Lease)
Recoverable Reserves 8.720 TSCF
Cumulative Gas Production 5.081 TSCF
Balance recoverable Reserves 3.639 TSCF
Goru B Reservoir (Mari D&P Lease)
Recoverable Reserves 1.633 TSCF
Cumulative Gas Production 0.159 TSCF
Balance recoverable Reserves 1.474 TSCF
 Pirkoh Reservoirs (Mari D&P Lease)
Recoverable Reserves 21.550 BSCF
Cumulative Gas Production 17.943 BSCF
Balance recoverable Reserves 3.607 BSCF
SML/SUL Reservoir (Mari D&P Lease)
Recoverable Reserves 58.770 BSCF
Cumulative Gas Production 46.535 BSCF
Balance recoverable Reserves 12.235 BSCF
Dunghan, M.Kot & Chiltan Reservoirs (Zarghun South Field)
Recoverable Reserves 76.719 BSCF
Cumulative Production 12.498 BSCF
Balance recoverable Reserves 64.221 BSCF
SML Reservoir Koonj Field (Sukkur Block)
Recoverable Reserves 3.950 BSCF
Cumulative Gas Production 3.421 BSCF
Balance recoverable Reserves 0.529 BSCF
Goru Reservoir (A & B Sand) (Sujawal-X1) Sujawal Block
Recoverable Reserves 21.460 BSCF
Cumulative Gas Production 12.816 BSCF
Balance recoverable Reserves 8.644 BSCF
Goru Reservoir (A & C Sand) (Sujjal-1) Sujawal Block
Recoverable Reserves 53.522 BSCF
Cumulative Gas Production 12.124 BSCF
Balance recoverable Reserves 41.398 BSCF
Lumshiwal & Lockhart Reservoir (Halini Oil Field)
Recoverable Reserves 4.241 MMSTB
Cumulative Oil Production 2.114 MMSTB
Balance recoverable Reserves 2.127 MMSTB

Remarks: Ghauri X-1 is on EWT Operation.


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