MPCL being an Exploration & Production (E&P) company is currently operating nine Exploration Licences in onshore areas of the country with the objective to acquire more petroleum rights in days to come. Seismic data acquisition, processing and drilling are the core processes in achieving company’s targets of augmenting its hydrocarbon reserves base and revenues. MPCL is cognizant of the fact that all the services relating to acquisition, processing and drilling defray huge cost and are not easily available amid law and order situation in the country barring service companies to provide services all across Pakistan. With the establishment of Mari Services Division, the company has taken paradigm shift to set direction to increase exploration, drilling and production activities through self-reliance and subsequently expand the services base to other E&P companies to generate revenues. MSD is gratifying the growing service requirements consisting of state of the art technology drilling rigs, 2D/3D seismic data acquisition unit, 2D/3D seismic data processing center and slick line unit by maintaining quality and international oilfield standards.

Mari Seismic Services Unit (MSU)

MSU was established in 2012 is committed to achieve excellence, MSU remains in quest to acquire the latest gadgetry/equipment as seeking technological advancements is a business priority.

Recent inductions of state of the art Sercel 508 XT (topnotch recording equipment at the moment) along with Tractor Mounted Drill Rigs (HY-T100D), Jacrobe/Man portable Rigs, Compressors (Model XAVS 206C Portable) and Jackhammers (Cobra Combi) is a testimony to this fact. This trend does not only serve as a force multiplier for MSU but also figures it out as one of the most modernized crew amongst the arena of contemporary outfits.

Adherence to the best industry practices/international standards, safeguarding the client’s interest and above all implementation of stringent measures to ensure data protection are always accorded highest priorities. Nonetheless, the seasoned professionals of MSU complementing the aforesaid play a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth sail of MSU ship.

The achievements made by MSU so far are during 2014-16 are as follows:-

MSU as part of its ‘maiden project’ acquired 1080 Sq. Kms 3D data in Mari Development and Production Lease area and successfully completed in December 2015 in the face of all the stiff hurdles mainly pertaining to permitting. MSU in its first assignment had set extremely high acquisition standards which were possible only through latest recording equipment and top class human resource. The quality of data acquired in Mari 3D has been loudly appreciated by the quality control department as well as the client. Based on the Data acquired by MSU, MPCL has successfully drilled Shabaz –I and Shaheen-I during the current FY 2015-16. MSU feels proud as its equipment and professionals are the ‘best’ in the Pakistan, much better than foreign crews operating locally.

Pursuant to acquisition in Mari E&P, the crew mobilized to Sujawal for initially acquisition of 410 Sq. Kms 3D data which was later increased to 528 Sq.Km. MSU successfully completed the data acquisition of Sujwal 3D well ahead of the target date.

During the data acquisition process of Sujawal 3D, due to professional approach and commitment MSU team acquired 15.2 Sq.Km (1014 SPs) seismic data in a single day despite numerous challenges pertaining to terrain, land permitting, water bodies and security. Again, the data earned tremendous appreciation on account of quality.

Later, in November, 2016 MSU was assigned to Acquire 35 LKms 2D Data in Sujawal Block. The project was successfully completed on December 10, 2016; again well ahead of the target date. The quality of data acquired in Sujawal 2D has been much appreciated by the quality control department as well as the client, despite being the first 2D Data acquisition project of MSU.

Mari Drilling Services Unit (MDU)

MDU consists of three drilling rigs having Rig Mari 1 (1500HP) Rig Mari 2 ST (300 HP), and Rig Mari 3 (2500 HP) providing the capability to drill onshore wells between the depths of 500 meters up to 8,000 meters.

MPCL completed drilling and work over of fifteen wells during 2014-16 out of which 14 wells were completed by rig fleet of MDU.

MPCL increased its fleet of rigs by inclusion in of 2500 HP in 2013 having capability to drill well up to 8,000 meters. The rig was purchased from BOMCO (subsidiary of CNPC) which reached Pakistan in July 2014. Rig Mari 3 (2500 HP) was successfully commissioned in February 2015 and drilled Halini Deep Exploration well having TD of 5900 meters in record time. It has recently completed drilling of Sujawal Deep Exploration well to the depth of 4100 meters in December 2016 where the well is currently under production testing.

Rig Mari 1 completed drilling of six wells Sajjal-1, Kalabagh, Khetwaro, Shahbaz exploration wells and Zarghun South -3 developments well besides work over on Halini X-1 during the March 2014 to December 2016.

Rig Mari 2 ST (300HP) drilled six Pirkoh wells during last six years and went through major mid-life Upgradation project which would enhance its capacity to drill wells up to 900 meters and potential to carryout work over jobs.

MPCL purchased Rig Mari 1 (1500HP) from M/s HangHua during 2007 and deployed it for drilling operations at different blocks across the country. After completion of seven years of drilling operations through Rig Mari 1 it became imperative to carry out the first major overhaul of engines, draw works, top drive system, BOP, Accumulator unit and mud pumps. MDU carried out detailed study to overhaul the equipment by purchasing spares from OEM while utilizing MDU human resource and local workshops having API certification. The easiest option was to send it to third parties present overseas which could have cost around USD 1.7 Million with seven months of lead time. However, MDU started the overhaul project during September 2015 and successfully completed overhauling of all the major equipment by end of December 2015 resulting into saving of around USD 1 Million and three precious months of man-hours. This major overhaul project of complete rig was first of its kind in Pakistan by any service provider.

Mari Seismic Processing Services Center (MSPC)

MSPC was established in January 2014. The objective of establishing an in-house seismic processing center was to undertake 2D processing of newly acquired data, reprocessing of vintage 2D data and quick reprocessing of key 2D seismic lines for confirming the lithology/depth of reservoir structural features while drilling. MSPC has shown its importance by providing quality, on-time and state of the art processing which helps the Company to take more refined decisions.

MSPC has also proved to be an essential component of the seismic data validation process by providing parallel processing to the outsourced processing. For example, during the KARAK 2D processing by GRI China, MSPC carried out processing in parallel and provided the seismic images which used as a guided model to the GRI to improve their processing. Moreover, readily available in-house processing capabilities provide the quick processing of the newly acquired seismic up to PSTM level during the seismic acquisition which used to provide a guide to interpreter to draw a strike line according to the true subsurface geology.

MSPC has carried out 2200 LKM 2D Seismic Time Domain Data processing so far. Currently the Processing center only got 24 core system which is only sufficient for 2D processing and small 3D processing projects. MSPC made use of the full resources and successfully completed 528 of SUJAWAL 3D and 900 in total of 3D Time Domain processing projects. Upgradation of processing center from 24 Core to 256 Core is underway. In this Upgradation we are not only increasing our computing and storage capacity, but also taking on board Depth Domain Data Processing, which will provide additional valuable services to the Company.

Nevertheless, MSPC has taken further challenge in Seismic Reservoir Characterization by AVO/Inversion. This quantitative approach to delineate the reservoirs by using techniques for direct HC indicators is becoming industry standard practice. Currently 1080 of Simultaneous Elastic Inversion is on-going for Mari 3D.

Below are the list of projects which MSPC has undertaken during 2014-16.

Hanna/Harnai 2D 180.45
Hassan Abdal 2D Processing 241.5
Peshawar East 2D Processing 75
Sujawal 2D 465.47
Ziarat 2D Field Processing 128
Ziarat 2D Production Processing 366.675
Zarghun South 2D HOT SHOT Processing 87.5
Karak 2D Processing 147.2
Sukhar 2D 39.1
Hassan Abdal 2D Processing (Re-processing) 265
SUJAWAL 2D Re-processing (1988/1996 Vintage) & Processing of newly acquired 2D 200
Total 2195 LKM
SUJAWAL 3D Processing (PSTM ) 528 Sq km
KARAK Wide Line 45 LKM
SHEIKHAN 3D 87 Sq km
MARI 3D BLOCK 140 Sq km
SUJAWAL 3D 2008 Vintage Re-processing (PSTM) 100 Sq km
Total 900 Sq km
AVO/Inversion PROJECTS Sq Km
SUJAWAL 3D Simultaneous Elastic Inversion (on Hold) 528 Sq km
MARI 3D Simultaneous Elastic Inversion (on-going) ~1080 Sq km
Total 1608 Sq km

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