Addendum signing and Presentation by MGPO to MD/CEO MPCL on CSR Partnership at Mari Field

Following the signing of MoU between MPCL and MGPO (Dated: August 3, 2016) for the launch of “CSR Partnership in Mari Field, Daharki”, representatives of MGPO gave a detailed presentation regarding the progress and achievements on the ongoing projects. The meeting was held on Thursday, January 5, 2017 at MPCL Head Office, presided by Lt Gen Nadeem Ahmed (Retd), Managing Director, Mari Petroleum Company Limited (MPCL). Below mentioned are the key highlights of the partnership:

i. MA Mobile and HMIS:MGPO has operationalized Ma Mobile at our Maternal & Newborn Healthcare Centre, Dad Leghari, whereby, a patient’s (expecting mother) and newborn child’s database will be maintained through the Health Management Information System (HMIS) component of the tool. The other component of this tool is the two way communication between the patient and the remote server (MA Mobile), which will be sending critical healthcare messages to the expecting mothers (throughout various phases of their pregnancy), also reminding them about their next visits to the doctors.

ii. Mari Early Education Tool (MEET): MEET has been installed and operationalized at Shaheen High School, adjacent to Well # 8, village Abdul Rasheed Leghari. In the first phase, 4 modules (Alphabets / Letter Recognition, Phonics, Vowels & Consonants and Learning Alphabets through stories) have been developed and deployed in class KG.

iii. MPCL – IBA Sukkur Scholarship Support Program: A MoU was signed between MPCL and IBA Sukkur on August 23, 2017 for the Scholarship Support Program. In this regard, a progress report was shared by MGPO showing the academic results of the 12 enrolled students (under this program), which were above par and satisfactory as per the benchmarks laid down in the MoU. Furthermore, MD has graciously approved to continue the program, enrolling 12 students each year (6 Boys & 6 Girls) for an indefinite period. Moreover, at the end of the degree program (4 years), top student (based on academic performance) from the graduating batch will be offered employment at MPCL.

After the presentation, an Addendum was also signed to adjust the strategic alignment of Scholarship Support Program between MPCL and MGPO. The meeting ended with a vote of thanks and resolve from all parties to work together for a meaningful and sustainable CSR Partnership.


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