Mari Seismic Services Unit (MSU)

Global Technology with Local Advantage

Mari Seismic Services Unit provides globally acclaimed technology for land Seismic Data Acquisition, which has been tried and tested under diverse environmental and geological challenges.



MSU which was established in 2013 is committed to achieve excellence and remains in quest to acquire the latest gadgetry/equipment as seeking technological advancements is a business priority.

MSU Beta and Charlie were established in January and December, 2019 respectively.

Adherence to the best industry practices/international standards, safeguarding client’s interest and above all implementation of stringent measures to ensure data protection are always accorded highest priorities. Nonetheless, the seasoned professionals of MSU complementing the aforesaid play a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth sail of MSU ship.


Mari Seismic Service Units- Current Engagements

Alpha: Taung-3D, 340 Sq.kms (Sehwan Sindh)

Beta: Ziarat-3D, 235 Sq.kms (Mach, Balochistan)

Charlie: Block28-2D, 615 L.kms (Sibbi, Balochistan)

Unit/Project Summary
MSU ALPHA (Since Jun 2013)
Project Volume
Mari-3D 1080 Sq.kms
Sujawal-3D 528 Sq.kms
Sujawal-2D 35 L.kms
Sukkur-2D 758 L.kms
Bannu West-2D 98 L.kms
Bannu West-3D 832 Sq.kms
Taung-3D 141 Sq,kms (Inprogress)
MSU BETA (Since Jan 2019)
Project Volume
Zarghun-2D 102 L.kms
Block-28 Katar Mari 2D 780 L.kms
Ziarat-3D 235 Sq.kms (Inprogress)
MSU CHARLIE (Since Dec 2019)
Project Volume
Block-28 Chakar 2D 562 L.kms  (Inprogress)
2D Projects (Total 2335 L.kms) Area (L.kms)
Sujawal-2D 35
Sukkur-2D 758
Bannu West-2D 98
Zarghun-2D 102
Block-28 Katar Mari 2D 780
Block-28 Chakar 2D 562 (Inprogress)
3D Projects (Total 2581 Sq.kms) Area (Sq.kms)
Mari-3D 1080
Sujawal-3D 528
Bannu West-3D 832
Taung-3D 141 (Inprogress)


Being one of the largest petroleum exploration and production companies in Pakistan, we visualize the earth as something beautiful and mysterious, for it has so many secrets to reveal.

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