Gravity and Magnetic Survey

Mari Services Division (MSD) has further diversified its portfolio with the addition of Gravity & Magnetic Survey (GMS) services. The CG-6 AutogravTM offers fast, reliable, and precise gravity measurements, including an array of mapping post-processing functionality with Lynx LG software.

The Scintrex ENVI Cs Cesium Vapour Magnetometer, a next-generation magnetometer provides a continuous reading with high sensitivity compared with lower sensitivity continuous magnetometers. With the new CG- 6 and Scintrex ENVI Cs Cesium Vapour Magnetometer, MPCL offers reliable and effortless gravity and magnetic survey services, making surveying more cost-effective and efficient. GMS is beneficial to:

  • Acquire Gravity and Magnetic field data in these Blocks by utilizing the latest equipment and practicing the best data quality standards. Data acquired in such a way will set a solid basis for data enhancement and interpretation objectives.
  • Establish the structural and basin configuration, sedimentary package thickness, and depth to the basement in the survey area.
  • Fine-tune the gravity and magnetic data with efficient noise removal and signal enhancement techniques to achieve interpretational objectives.
  • Optimize seismic data acquisition plan.
  • Integrate gravity and magnetic results with available surface geological information and seismic and well data.
  • Extend the interpretation below the effective level of seismic penetration and Predict and rank hydrocarbon potential areas for future exploration.
  • Delineate/map likely faulted trends and determine the strike direction of prevailing geologic features aiding our further exploration strategy.
  • Infer rock properties/density and lithology by analyzing the gravity and magnetic data.
  • Isolate the local anomalies from the regional field, remove noise effects, and map the gradients of anomalies.
  • Map possible distribution (thickness) of target formations.


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