Mari Mud Logging Unit (MMLU)

As part of the Mari Services Division (MSD), the Mari Mud Logging Unit (MMLU) monitors drilling activities from spud till completion with critical mud logging data to enhance the drilling efficiency.

By utilizing top-notch equipment from Geolog Italy, MMLU strives to provide necessary support during core drilling operations for MPCL and other E&P companies.

MMLU has successfully provided mud logging services with exceptional results at the following wells:

  • Parwaaz Deep 1
  • MD-18
  • Daim-1
  • PKL South-1
  • MD-17

Unit Certifications:

  • The Mud Logging unit is certified for DNV 2.7-1 (Det Norske Veritas), Magnetoscopic Test MPI 100 for all structural weld joints, and Container Safety Convention (CSC).
  • The unit under class A – 60 is approved to sustain the average temperature of 140 degrees above the actual temperature for 60 minutes and is certified for STANAG 3542 Edition 5.


MLU hardware is configured with:

  • Integrated Barrier System (IBS)
  • Emergency Alarms System and Schematic
  • Acquisition System
  • Total Gas Detector (TGD)
  • Dual FID Gas Chromatograph


SAERT (System of Acquisition and Elaboration in Real-Time) Architecture:

It is the integration of CompacRio for analog and digital slots with faster real-time data treatment and more acquisition channel systems with a large number of intelligent sensors in a single segment. Saert Virtual Machine consists of the following database programs:

  • GeoDesk
  • GWM (Geolog Well Manager)
  • Log Viewer
  • DDE (Depth Data Editor)
  • Virtual Printer
  • GSR (Geolog Snap Recovery)
  • Geolog Server

Geolog Italy uses LINUX as its operating system in servers and as a platform to run servers and embedded systems. It is safe and less vulnerable than other operating systems. Every Virtual Machine, an isolated computer, can be used as an independent desktop and workstation.


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