Mari Seismic Processing Services Center (MSPC)

MPCL’s 2D/3D Seismic Data Processing Center is powered by CGG’s Geovation Software Suite, which brings together the latest geophysical technology across the full spectrum of seismic processing and imaging to provide results that are best in class.

MSPC was established in January 2014. The objective of establishing an in-house seismic data processing center was to undertake processing of newly acquired data as well as reprocessing/QC of 2D/3D seismic data. In addition to that, MSPC has undertaken hotshot/parallel processing of key 2D seismic lines and priority 3D cubes with the purpose of confirming processing results of other contractors (lithology/depth of reservoir and structural features), prior to commencement of drilling operations. Moreover, readily available in-house processing capabilities provide quick processing of newly acquired seismic data up to PSTM level during the ongoing seismic acquisition program. This provides interpreter with a guide, to plan strike/contingent seismic according to the true subsurface geology.

MSPC demonstrated its importance by providing quality, on-time and state of the art processing results which enabled the Company to take timely decisions.

MSPC has carried out around 8400 LKM 2D & up to 3900 Sq KM Seismic time/depth domain data processing so far. The Processing Center has recently upgraded to 512 core systems which is sufficient for 2D/3D time /depth processing projects. Other than expansion in seismic Data Processing services, MSPC also enhanced / developed its capacity by providing in-house seismic inversion (AVO) services.

MSPC is the only center in Pakistan providing Time/Depth/AVO services under one roof.

Following is the list of projects completed by MSPC, since its inception in January 2014.

Hanna/Harnai 2D 180
Hassanabdal 2D Processing 242
Peshawar East 2D Processing 75
Sujawal 2D 465
Ziarat 2D Field Processing 128
Ziarat 2D Production Processing 367
Hasanabdal (New Ventures) 205
Zarghun South 2D HOT SHOT Processing 88
Karak 2D Processing 147
Sujawal 2D 172
North Dhurnal 2D 65
Jhnagra West 2D 220
Bannu West 2D 440
Sukkur 2D 2739
Bannu West 2D (2018) 99
Zarghun South 268
Block 28 2000
Sujawal 2d reprocessing 2021 300
Indus offshore reprocessing 192
Sujawal 589
Sharan 430
Ziarat 2D – Under Process
Hanna 2D – Under Process
Total 9,112
Sujawal 528
Karak Wide Line 45
Sheikhan 87
Mari 3D Block 140
Ghauri 217
Mari 3D PSDM 1080
Bannu West 850
Sukkur 3D processing  Time/Depth 370
Taung & Bhadra 540
Ziarat 3D – Under Process
Total 4,213
AVO/Inversion Projects Sq KMs
Sujawal 720
Mari 1080
Karak 450
Total 2250


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