Mari Drilling Services Unit (MDU)

Efficient and Cost effective land Drilling Operations:

With extensive experience from challenging terrains including ultra-deep wells, MSD is well positioned to meet your land drilling requirements. Our Rigs are designed, manufactured, equipped with OEM products that include automated drilling systems.

Fleet/Equipment History:

MDU consists of five drilling Rigs having Rig Mari 1 (1500HP), Rig Mari 2 ST (300 HP), Rig Mari 3 (2500 HP), Rig Mari 4 (2000 HP) and Rig Mari 5 (2000 HP) providing the capability to drill onshore wells between the depths of 500 to 8,000 meters.

Achievements made by MDU so far are as below:

  • MPCL completed drilling and work over of 56 wells by rig fleet of MDU.
  • Rig Mari 1 (1500HP) completed drilling of twenty four wells which include drilling in KPK, Sindh and Baluchistan provinces and Workover wells in KPK and Punjab from March 2014 to date.
  • In 2019 Rig Mari 2 (300 HP) has completed intensive drilling campaign of drilling 19 HRL wells in Mari D & P Lease without LTI and Zero NPT.
  • Rig Mari 3 (2500 HP) completed drilling of seven wells and drilled its deepest, Halini Deep Exploration well having TD of 5900 meters. Currently Rig is drilling strategic Bannu West exploration HPHT well in FATA having TD + 5700 meter.
  • MPCL has recently inducted two 2000 HP Rigs, raising the total Rig fleet to five.

Complete snapshot of Projects completed by Rig Mari 1 till date are as below:

Well Name Well Depth(m)
Sujjal X-1 2525
Halini X-1 Work over
Kalabagh-1 2750
Kalabagh-1A 3003
Khetwaro X-1 940
Shahbaz-X-1 1180
Zarghun South-3 1820
Shaheen 1 1175
Bhitai 2 1170
Bhitai 3 1188
Azadi-1 2995
Bhittai-5 1180
Sufi-1 2350
Bolan East-1 1500
Ghauri X-I Work Over
Tipu-2 2838
Parwaaz-1 1237
Shaheen-2 1160
Zarghun South-4 2022
Hilal-1 1202
Iqbal-1 1250
MD-21 2800
Parwaaz Deep-1 2800
MD-18 2848

Complete snapshot of Projects completed Rig Mari 2 till date are as below:

Well Name Well Depth(m)
PKL – 7 & 8 550
HRL 98,99,100,101 750-775
19 HRL wells 725 – 785

Complete snapshot of Projects completed by Rig Mari 3 till date are as below:

Well Name Well Depth(m)
Halini Deep-1 5900
Sujawal Deep-1 4130
Aqeeq-1 2293
Tipu-1 3936
Dharian-1 ST-3 5192
Miraj-1 ST-3 4549
MD-19 4500


Being one of the largest petroleum exploration and production companies in Pakistan, we visualize the earth as something beautiful and mysterious, for it has so many secrets to reveal.

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