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Leaders see organizational culture as a powerful ally for sustainable business growth, according to recent global surveys of more than 40 countries, strong cultures drive better business outcomes. In fact, the majority (69%) of senior leaders credit much of their success to a healthy culture. During recent years that necessitated major changes for companies around the world, more than two-thirds of respondents believe that their culture helps change initiatives happen. More generally speaking, the majority (67%) of survey respondents said safety culture is equally important to business strategy or operations. They also agreed that top cultural priorities should include health, safety & environment as integrated business part.

Healthy participation from MPCL employees and their constructive feedback, with high value adding comments towards healthy cultural establishment / improvement was observed. The result clearly established that MPCL is at in the phase of transformation from Calculative to PROACTIVE, which indicates that “Safety leadership and values are driving continual improvement. To summarize following are the major areas of strengths and accordingly improvement areas were also highlighted to the management, out of 12 areas which were analyzed, by majority of MPCL people:

  • Management Commitment
  • High standards of performance
  • Training & development

Going forward, as MPCL take on a long list of business imperatives, organizational culture can provide the difference between thriving and surviving. Further, our ultimate aim is to transform from the PROACTIVE to GENERATIVE Culture and that will be the time when we all can proudly say that “HSE is how we do our business activities here”.

Utilizing hearts and mind tools management training program was developed and trainings/ workshops were conducted to enhance the HSE Culture.


Our structured crisis and emergency management plan, that includes a detailed and structured way to tackle unplanned events, is revamped in the FY 2021-22. The plan covers a detailed role based plan for rapid response teams, Emergency Response Teams, Incident Management Teams, Emergency Management Teams and Crisis Management Team. The plan enables us to deploy a quick and effective response, preventing a crisis that could adversely affect the image and reputation of the Company. This plan caters to activities including Offices, field operations, drilling, seismic activities and all projects. Number of Management drills were conducted for multiple scenarios that mainly covered fire, oil spill, gas release, natural disasters, earthquakes, civil unrest etc., at all MPCL locations for ensuring the preparedness level of our teams.


In the Fiscal Year 2021–22, enhanced focus was given to process safety management for strengthening Safe Operations strategy. This includes developing hazard mitigation plans to bring risk to ALARP levels. Other key activities include increased focus on Management of Change (MOC) process, Pre-Startup Safety Reviews (PSSR), Hazard Operability (HAZOP) and other process safety related studies at appropriate phases of the projects and operations.

The reporting culture of Process Safety Incidents also improved, with special focus on leading indicators. The Incident Investigation approach is further enhanced by employing the Tripod Beta methodology, ensuring that latent failures are identified and processes are improved as part of the management system. Process Safety Event Rates were calculated and accordingly risk mitigation measures were taken with high focus on system  development for assuring asset integrity. In addition, high potential process events were kept under high focus and accordingly lesson learnt were shared to avoid repeatability of the undesired events.

Further, Process Safety Fundamentals were launched that includes 10 basic process safety management guides that must be followed by all concerned operations, projects and drilling teams.


MPCL believes in keeping Contractors and MPCL Safe-Partnering for Win-Win.

Being a responsible E&P business organization, MPCL is committed to creating a strategic contractor safety management program for all contractors and subcontractors working for MPCL. Contractor engagement and management are critical to achieving high technical, commercial, and safety performance. At MPCL, contractors make up to 75 to 80% of the workforce; some contractors are long-term, working alongside permanent staff, while others are short-term, brought in for a specific project for a few  weeks or months.

To overcome the integration challenges of two organizations with different workplace cultures, mindset, work planning and methodology, differences in language, and managing competency, a comprehensive Contractor HSE Management Framework has been developed. HSE contractor management is mastered through various dedicated and strategic programs. MPCL organized and conducted multiple HSE workshops, seminars, Lifesaving rules campaigns, kickoff meetings, pre-mobilization workshops, hazard-hunting surveys, Control of Work (COW) workshops, Simultaneous Operations (SIMOPs) Workshops, road safety workshops, Walk around audits, hazard hunting surveys, reward and recognition programs, and service quality

On HSE front, capacity building of local contractors and subcontractors, while enhancing their working standards to international level, to achieve a mutual benefit for the contractors and MPCL.  This will ultimately benefit the HSE management at National level.


MPCL is ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management System) certified and is an environment friendly Oil & Gas Company in Pakistan that complies with maximum environmental standards. Our IMS Audit against the EMS Standard resulted in zero non-compliance & observations. Emission control measures, preferably using environment-friendly equipment and solar powered systems, are the basic and important measures that have been  practiced since long.

On the environmental front for calculation of Green House Gases (GHG) emissions, MPCL continued the emissions monitoring project, which is the baseline for gauging margins of improvement for Carbon footprints reduction.

At present MPCL network comprises many sites, including settled, unsettled, rigs, and seismic operations, which are operating in all provinces of Pakistan, which are mostly in remote areas with barren lands. Management of all the locations has put a lot of effort into improving environmental sustainability and contributing to climate change through plantation, and avoiding loss of vegetation during operational activities at its best.

Currently, despite the huge pressure on land resources, large areas of land are in a degraded state, where plantation can be an effective way to bring degraded land back into productive use. Surveillance audits by Governmental bodies; that includes, CIM, provincial EPA’s, Wild Life etc. on environmental front have shown good results with no major area of improvement in this regard.


For organizations that are serious about improving employee health and safety, reducing workplace occupational health hazards/ risks, and creating better, healthier and safer working conditions; complying with safety standards is the only way forward. During COVID-19 situation when various activities were jeopardized due to constraints in mobility, lock down etc. MPCL employees showed true reflection of dedication and commitment to the required protocols and came out of the situation at our locations. Safe distancing, mask compliance, medical screenings, vaccination campaigns were one of the key initiatives that were taken to ensure health of our employees.

MPCL developed a special procedure for business continuity during the pandemic disease. MPCL ensured that all employees are vaccinated and awareness were given time and again with proper isolation rooms well designed and maintained for abatement of COVID spread. Ultimately MPCL ensured zero downtime due to COVID.


Being one of the largest petroleum exploration and production companies in Pakistan, we visualize the earth as something beautiful and mysterious, for it has so many secrets to reveal.

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