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Our structured crisis and emergency management plan enables us to make a quick and effective response to an emergency that could escalate into a crisis which could adversely affect the image and reputation of the Company. This plan caters for activities including field operations, drilling, seismic activities and all projects in addition to activities in the existing fields. The plan is periodically reviewed and practiced with drills and exercises. Emergency drills are mandatory for oil and gas, exploration, and production operations. This is also a requirement under the Oil & Gas (Safety in Drilling and Production) Regulations.


In oil and gas sector ensuring all possible hazards’ identification and safety precautions to safely manage them is considered as top priority during the design, installation and commissioning, operational and dismantling phases. In FY 2020-21 Hazard operability studies were carried out rigorously for all ongoing and future projects by MPCL. Multiple hazards mitigation detailed plans were developed and implemented accordingly to ensure safe Operations.

In order to gauge Process safety performance Process Safety Event Rates (PSER Tier I and PSER Tier II) monitoring was also introduced for the first time. While, PSER Tier III incidents were also recorded & analyzed for ensuring stringent inherently safe systems.


For organizations that are serious about improving employee health and safety, reducing workplace occupational health hazards/risks, and creating better, healthier and safer working conditions; complying with safety standards is the only way forward. During COVID-19 situation when various activities were jeopardized due to constraints in mobility, lock down etc. MPCL employees showed true reflection of dedication and commitment to the required protocols and came out of the situation at our locations. Safe distancing, mask compliance, medical screenings, vaccination campaigns were one of the key initiatives that were taken to ensure health of our employees.

MPCL developed a special procedure for business continuity during the pandemic disease. MPCL ensured that all employees are vaccinated and awareness were given time and again with proper isolation rooms well designed and maintained for abatement of COVID spread. Ultimately MPCL ensured zero downtime due to COVID.

Environmental Management & Compliance

MPCL is ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management System) Certified and is environment friendly Oil & Gas Company in Pakistan by complying with maximum environmental standards. IMS Audit against the EMS Standard resulted in Zero Non-compliance & observations. Emission control measures, preferably using of environment friendly equipment and use of solar systems where ever possible, are the basic and important measures that have been practiced since long.

On environmental front for calculation of Environmental impact in FY-2020-21 MPCL launched the project of Green House Gases emissions monitoring, which is the baseline for gauging margins of improvement for Carbon footprints reduction.

At present MPCL network comprises of many sites, which includes settled, unsettled, rigs with seismic crews which are operating in four provinces of Pakistan and some of them are in remote areas with barren lands. Management of all the locations has put a lot of efforts in improving environmental sustainability and contribution to climate change through plantation and avoiding loss of vegetation during operational activities at its best. Currently, despite huge pressure on land resources, large areas of land are in a degraded state, where plantation can be an effective way to bring degraded land back into productive use. During this year, more than 10,000 trees have been planted & maintained across different locations.

Further, MPCL drives an effective campaign for the discontinuation of utilizing non-degradable plastics and it has been strictly followed at all locations. Total cut down of plastic materials like bags, disposable cutlery, water bottles, etc. has resulted in a major step towards environmental protection from pollutants. All our locations are implementing waste management plan with all Hazardous and non-hazardous waste management through EPA certified contractor.

Surveillance audits by Governmental bodies; that includes, CIM, provincial EPA’s, Wild Life etc. on environmental front have shown good results with no major area of improvement in this regard. Additionally, EIA /IEE studies have been conducted with monitoring programs at every applicable stage of the E&P life cycle of MPCL facilities.


Being one of the largest petroleum exploration and production companies in Pakistan, we visualize the earth as something beautiful and mysterious, for it has so many secrets to reveal.

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