Our Values

Over the years, Mari Petroleum has evolved into a company upholding strong values of Ethics and Transparency, Innovative Solutions, Loyalty and Commitment, Goal Driven Teamwork and Professional Excellence. Our commitment towards these core values is entrenched in our code of conduct and embedded in the culture at MPCL. We employ our values in business dealings with all our stakeholders, including customers, employees, shareholders, public officials and professionals.

Our Culture

We at Mari Petroleum take pride in inculcating an inclusive and a performance driven culture where our policies and procedures revolve around processes to retain, motivate and drive performance. The HR philosophy nurtures employees’ wellbeing, development of our people and their empowerment.

Our Policies

Our policies regarding different business practices that form our Code of Conduct are:

Financial Disclosure

We adhere to an accurate reflection of all transactions in our accounting principles, books, and accounts. Falsification of the Company’s books, any of the recorded bank accounts, and transactions are strictly prohibited and will be disclosed to the concerned authorities.

Conflict of Interest

The Directors and employees of the Company recognize that in the course of performing their duties, they may be out into a position where there is a conflict in the performance of such duty and a personal interest they may have. It is the overriding intention of the Company that all business transactions conducted by it be on arm’s length basis.

Compliance with Laws, Directives, and Rules

We place the highest priority on complying with all laws, regulations, directives, and rules applicable in the jurisdictions in which we do business along with directions issued by the Board of Directors and management of the Company. We believe in and acknowledge all the remedial and positive directives set by the company in this regard.


We at MPCL adhere to the practice of uncompromising confidentiality in terms of the company’s proprietary, technical, business, financial, joint-venture, customer, and employee information that is not available publicly. We believe that information security is our prime responsibility, a breach of which can be detrimental to the status of the company and associated stakeholders.

Conduct of Personnel in Dealing with the Government Officials and their Agents

We believe in and are committed to the values of honesty and integrity in dealings with the representatives of the Federal, Provincial, Municipal, or Local Government bodies within the ambit of the applicable laws. To uphold MPCL’s corporate integrity, we ensure all dealings with government and regulators are fair and transparent.

Time Management

We are dedicated to achieving excellence, driven by industry’s challenges, through systematic and disciplined time management. MPCL employees adhere to efficient and productive time schedules that serve the company’s standards with an aim to deliver high-quality results.

Business Integrity

From protecting our shareholder value, taking care of our assets and resources, to our business operations and relationships with vendors, contractors, customers, stakeholders, and government officials, we believe in honesty and transparency in all our operations and performance.

Gifts, Entertainment, and Bribery

We strongly condemn and dissociate from bribery or corruption in any form. Adhering to anti-corruption laws and regulations, MPCL is foremost in supporting the efforts against corruption and ensures that our business partners and stakeholders share our dedication. This, however, does not preclude the exchange of customary reciprocal courtesies and similar customary and reasonable expenditure to promote general business goodwill, provided that they do not, nor do they appear to, influence decisions or the business dealings of the Company.

Insider Trading

Insider trading legislation imposes obligations on all directors and employees in possession of confidential material information. Penalties for breaching insider-trading legislation are severe.

Confidential material information is information which, if disclosed, would significantly affect or would reasonably be expected to have a significant effect on the market price or value of a Company’s shares or other securities. The information may relate to the Company or its associated companies, or a company with which a major contract may be concluded.

Every director and employee who has knowledge of confidential material information is prohibited from informing any other person of that information, other than in the necessary course of business or from profiting from such information.

Every director and employee who has knowledge of confidential material information is prohibited from trading in securities of the company to which the information relates.

Health, Safety and the Environment

Consistent with its commitment to contribute to sustainable development, the Company, its directors and employees endeavor to exercises a systematic approach to health, safety and environmental management in order to achieve continuous performance improvement. Directors and employees are expected to be conversant and comply with health, safety and sustainable development policies, standards, and procedures.

Involvement in Politics

We believe in a non-partisan and impartial perspective towards any political involvement by the representatives of the company. The Company does not make payments or other contributions to political parties, organizations or their representatives or take part in party politics.

Equal Employment Opportunity

We provide an inclusive working environment where equal employment opportunities are provided without regard to race, religion, color, gender, age, or disability. MPCL creates a collaborative working environment and believe in employing people based on merit, suitability and skill required for the job roles.


We respect our work culture that is set on a foundation of fair and transparent processes and procedures through which we operate and manage our business. All employees are required to follow business practices and procedures to ensure 100% compliance.


We understand and adhere to the Company’s Business Practices and its Code of Conduct and associated policies. All concerned stakeholders must sign a declaration confirming adherence to the Code of Conduct as part of their employment or in contracting with the Company.


Being one of the largest petroleum exploration and production companies in Pakistan, we visualize the earth as something beautiful and mysterious, for it has so many secrets to reveal.

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