Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct sets out the Company’s objectives and its responsibilities to various stakeholders and the ethical standards required from its Directors and employees to meet such objectives and responsibilities.

Financial Disclosure

All transactions should be accurately reflected in the books of accounts according to applicable accounting principles. Falsification of Company’s books, any of the recorded bank accounts and transactions is strictly prohibited.

Conflict of Interest

The Directors and employees of the Company must recognize that in the course of performing their duties, they may be out into a position where there is a conflict in the performance of such duty and a personal interest they may have. It is the overriding intention of the Company that all business transactions conducted by it be on arm’s length basis.

Compliance with Laws, Directives & Rules

Compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, directives, and rules including those issued by the Board of Directors and Management.


Confidentiality of the Company’s internal confidential information must be maintained and upheld, which includes proprietary, technical, business, financial, joint- venture, customer and employee information that is not available publicly.

Conduct of Personnel in Dealings with Government Officials

The Company shall deal with the Government officials fairly and honestly and within the ambit of the applicable laws, in order to uphold the corporate image of the Company.

Time Management

The Directors and the employees of the Company shall ensure that they adopt efficient and productive time management schedules.

Business Integrity

The Directors and employees will strive to promote honesty, integrity and fairness in all aspects of Company’s business and their dealings with vendors, contractors, customers, joint venture participants and Government officials.

Gifts, Entertainment & Bribery

The Directors and employees shall not give or accept gifts, entertainment, or any other personal benefit or privilege that could influence business dealings.

Insider Trading

Every Director and employee who has knowledge of confidential material information is prohibited from trading in securities of the Company to which the information relates.

Health, Safety & Environment

The Company, its Directors and employees will endeavor to exercise a systematic approach to health, safety and environmental management in order to achieve continuous performance improvement.

Involvement in Politics

Company shall not make payments or other contributions to political parties and organizations. Employees must ensure that if they elect to take part in any form of political activity in their spare time, such activity does not and will not have any adverse affects on the Company and such activities must be within the legally permissible limits.

Equal Employment Opportunity

It is the policy of the Company to provide employment opportunities without regard to gender, race, religion, color, age or disability subject to suitability of the candidates for the job.


All Directors and employees must understand and adhere to the Company’s business practices and Code of Conduct. They must commit to individual conduct in accordance with the Company’s business practices and Code of Conduct and observe both the spirit and the letter of the Code in their dealings on the Company’s behalf.


Failure to adhere to the Company’s business practices or Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action, which could include dismissal.

HRD Core Values

Workplace values are the guiding principles for any department or the Company. In the case of departments, such values set the tone of departmental culture in synchronization with the overall Company’s Values.

Corporate Culture & Core Values

Values are deeply ingrained principles that guide organizational actions. The Core values are central and enduring tenets of a successful organization.

MPCL is governed by its core values which distinguish us and guide our actions while shaping our corporate culture and reflecting the behavior essential to our relationship with all the stakeholders.

The Core values MPCL subscribes to are:


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