Corporate Social Responsibility

MPCL’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy is an integral part of company’s culture and reflects continuing commitment of our business to contribute towards the well-being & quality of life of our workforce, local community, and society at large. CSR remains an ever evolving and continuous process at the heart of MPCL management that tries its best to accommodate the local needs on priority basis. In order to ensure the element of continuity and sustainability in our social welfare programs, our CSR philosophy is anchored in tripartite approach of development; involving the community, local government and MPCL management.

It is an on-going process to energize lives of our communities by providing innovative and sustainable solutions to meet the challenges / needs of rapidly changing world. We are acutely aware of participative relationship that we share with society and continuously invest in the interventions related to education, health, water supply schemes, philanthropic donations, and communication infrastructure.

MPCL CSR Philosophy

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of Mari Petroleum Company Limited (MPCL) functions as per the existing regulatory authority of Ministry of Petroleum. However, our CSR initiatives go far beyond the obligations. The CSR program serves all segments of the society in all possible ways, shades, and manner, thus projecting the benevolence and philanthropy it extends to the society it serves, whether it is its obligation or not.

MPCL CSR philosophy shall help in building sustainable, competitive advantage through improved business performance leading to local community support, environmental footprint, health and safety issues, provision of clean drinking water, education for all including children with disabilities, fight against communicable diseases, enabling local sports initiatives and developing basic communication infrastructure.

In addition to our communities, MPCL ensures the well-being and safety of all the stakeholders in its value chain through continuous engagement with relevant departments/stakeholders to uphold the best practices in social responsibility as laid down in the ISO 26000 Guidelines.

“MPCL CSR philosophy focuses on delivering programs that favors the  execution of macro level systems and attainment of relevant Sustainable Development Goals in collaboration with Implementing Partners. Our CSR program thus ensure individual, organizational and societal development through sustainable CSR initiatives, thus enabling social and economic change at all levels in lines with best global practices.”

Statutory CSR Obligations

MPCL operates JV blocks in Balochistan, Sindh, Punjab and KPK. MPCL has discharged all Social Welfare Obligations till December 2020, amounting to Rs. 527.8 Million (Approx.):

Over and Above Statutory CSR Obligations

In addition to statutory CSR obligations, MPCL is spending a substantial portion of its profits to develop a healthy, resilient and civilized society. In 2018-19 MPCL has spent Rs. 447 Million on various CSR projects all across Pakistan. As per Petroleum Concession Agreement (PCA), we are under no CSR obligation at Mari Field Daharki. However, MPCL has been spending huge amount annually on social welfare activities in Mari D&P lease area since inception. Over the years, this area has seen landmark social welfare initiatives benefitting the communities in the sectors of health, education & communication infrastructure. Projects worth PKR 1.5 Billion (approx.) have been undertaken at Mari Field in last 19 years, Rs. 128 Million in FY 2018-19.

Moreover, Production Bonus of amount Rs. 246 million (Approx.) has been deposited in the respective Production Bonus accounts as per the below mentioned details:

  • Ghauri (Rawalpindi) – $600,000 (May 2018) (Rs. 69,420,000)
  • Sujawal / Badin – $600,000 (July 2016) (Rs. 62,700,000)
  • Karak / Mianwali – $600,000 (June 2017) (Rs. 62,820,000)
  • Zarghun – $500,000 (October 2014) (Rs. 51,350,000)


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